Boys Girls age 4-6

CFK Key Words for the Super Tots

Focus – Self-discipline – Self-control – Teamwork – Safety Concepts – Respect – Confidence – Listening Skills – Balance – Hand-eye Coordination – Stamina – Flexibility – Self-defense Concepts

CFK’s interactive, individualized instruction creates the optimum environment for learning. We break each Super Tot class into smaller pods so your child gets all the on-on-one care he or she needs to feel great about class and to learn quickly.
To build a solid foundation, we make sure your child grasps each new concept and technique before we move on the next concept.
We designed our exercises carefully to help develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills and fitness.

Your child’s confidence grows every time something new is learned! While training at CFK, your Super tot will be well equipped to do his or her very best in school and in life.

Through our philosophy of positive reinforcement, your child will develop the security and confidence to thrive in new situations.

  • Fun
  • Exciting
  • Healthy Environment
  • Life Skills
  • Foundation for Success

Your child will earn:

  • stripes daily
  • belts each quarter

They’ll earn patches for:

  • Academics
  • Attendance,
  • Good behavior
  • Various skill sets.


Many experts recommend martial arts for children because a good program will teach both physical and mental skills.

Our goal at Carolina Family Karate for tots is to develop motor skills, teach them to follow directions, and pay attention.
We teach them special life lessons with a different theme each class. In addition to the physical kicking and punching skills
required to learn self-defense, your child will learn how to use discipline, respect, self-control, teamwork, and more to
prepare for school and listening at home with you. They can take these lessons with them and use them for a lifetime!

Our Children’s Martial Arts Program:

  • Will help your child develop basic to more advanced motor skills and how to follow directions.
  • Teaches how to R.A.D. or Recognize dangerous people or situations, Avoid them & how to respond or defuse a challenging situation.
  • Reinforces ideals of courtesy and respect and beginner methods of leadership.
  • Teaches how to push hard, set small goals and achieve them.
  • Uses positive reinforcement to make classes fun!
  • Reinforces good habits parents want children to learn.
  • Students learn how to talk their way out of a situation.

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