Teens (Ages 13- 17)

Key Words for our Juniors Program

Positive Values – Focus – Respect – Self-esteem – Self-discipline –
Leadership Skills – Self-control – Manners – Fitness  &…Fun!

CFK is a haven for teens to have fun and just be themselves and making quality friends.

“I am a multi National AAU Karate Champion and the classes are awesome at CFK.
Karate really helps enhance my volleyball skills.” – A.I.

  • Dedication
  • Maturity
  • Achievement
  • Friendship
  • Acceptance
  • CFK!

Classes at Carolina Family Karate are a great release from the stresses of school and teenage life.
Classes at CFK are fun! Our students have a blast striving for excellence.
CFK has a first in the industry “A+ Leadership Training Program”© neatly woven into the curriculum.teens martial arts lugoff, sc

Our Teens Martial Arts program will help your son or daughter develop a confident, positive outlook on life while

getting into great shape and learning valuable self-defense lessons.

As a parent of a teenager, you’re surely hopeful that your son or daughter develops into a happy, healthy, responsible adult

who is capable of taking care of him or herself. Today’s teens face a wide variety of obstacles to overcome that include not

getting enough exercise, facing negative peer pressure, bullying, and sometimes a lack of self-discipline. Even the best kids

can find it challenging to cope with just one of these obstacles, let alone several of them.

That’s exactly why we offer a specialized Teens Martial Arts class that is designed to:

  • Get your teen into great physical shape
  • Strengthen your child’s sense of self-worth and confidence
  • Give your teen a positive, enjoyable social activity, a way to meet friends with common goals
  • Improve current agility and sportsmanship to help the participant excel at other sports
  • Teach your teen how to defend himself or herself, and when to walk away to stay safe
  • Our instructors reinforce the principles of courtesy and respect – both of oneself and to others.
  • Our CFK “Leadership Program” is a concept introduced to the martial arts industry by our Shihan in 1987.

There is no prior experience necessary to become a member of our CFK Teen Leader Martial Arts Program.

Your teen will enjoy our exciting Martial Arts curriculum and will appreciate becoming physically fit & self-assured,

& very well educated in the latest Jiu-Jitsu grappling techniques. Why wait?

For a limited-time, we are offering you a FREE 2-Week VIP pass for your teen!

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